Meeting Adrenaline

This short piece was inspired by “I’m not running away, I’m moving on” – Irvine Welsh. It is an exploration of how people think they would react in situations and the reality that you and the situation are comepletly unpredictable. Too many variables relying on each person involved, their moods, what happened to each just 5 minutes before, what happened 5 years before etc. Moments of danger, chaos and vulnerability can highlight qualities from ignorance and foolishness to bravery and strength that you never knew you had.

JANE People always say they know how they would react in a situation they’ve never been in. A bank robbery with a gun held to your head. Who’s going to stand there and challenge them? Not you? How do you know? You’re walking alone late at night, a taxi pulls up and offers you a free lift. Do you take it or don’t you? Let’s say that you do but he has to quickly stop by his house first and he asks you to come in. Right here, right now you wouldn’t even consider it. It’s not hard to make a rational decision when you’re not there. You’ve invited your friend round for dinner. You’ve got work the next day so you go to bed early. You’re woken up by strange noises and walk in to find your boyfriend having sex with her on the living room floor. Right there in your home. Do you think you would scream and run? I didn’t. Do you think you would fly into a violent rage? I didn’t. That image burnt into your brain. Trust me I couldn’t have predicted my reaction either. I just turned around and went back to bed. I got up for work in the morning. Came back around lunchtime to pick up my things and left.


Scottish Youth Theatre National Ensemble

So here we are, my first blog post! I’ve just been accepted into the Scottish Youth Theatre National Ensemble. It feels like the first major step in what I hope will be a successful career in the performing arts so I decided to write about the company and how other people can get involved too.

So what is the National Ensemble?

At their 40th anniversary the Scottish Youth Theatre announced the making of the first ever National Ensemble. They auditioned all over Scotland and narrowed it down to 24 members. It is a one year membership where we will take part in eight development weekends, 5 weeks of intensive summer rehearsals (9.30am to 9pm only Sundays off eek!) and then a show to present our work. What is super duperly exciting is the fact we will explore not only acting but writing, directing and producing theatre aswell!


Audition Process

They held free open auditions all over Scotland for 16-25 year old who live, work, study or have family in Scotland.

The audition consisted of 2 main bits: a 2 hour group workshop and an individual part. We had been sent the quote “I’m not running away, I’m moving on” – Irvine Welsh prior to the audition and were asked to devise a short solo piece to work with on the day so WOW creating and presenting our own work already! Terrifying? Yeah a bit. Totally awesome AND empowering AND everyone was super supportive AND respectful AND created totally diverse pieces from the same stimulus? YESYESYES!

We also needed to prepare a scripted monologue to perform in the individual audition and present a skill or talent! Now this I loved. They explained that they are all about developing you as a creative individual and theatre-maker just as much as a performer. Talk about becoming versatile or what!?! It could be anything art, poetry, stand up comedy, dressmaking, dog grooming (well… no I’m sure they’d love that last one too!)

Inclusion and Equal Access

This is a top priority of the Scottish Youth Theatre Staff and I can’t sing their praises enough. With the motto “no barriers to talent” they work hard to make this a reality. They address the needs any of the ensemble members have. Rather than suggesting they just sit out, the staff actively find ways to make sure they can be included and encourage participation from everyone.

As they say in Cabaret- money makes the world go around. maya and I editBut what if you don’t have money just falling out your ears? To combat money issues the ensemble activities are completely free! This means the audition, workshops, rehearsals, Q&As with working professionals and all the other wonderful activities. They also supply each member with a fundraising pack covering sponsors to email, useful ideas and fundraising tips to help us out with travel and accommodation. Each month development weekends are held in the different places where members of the ensemble are from to make it fair for all. This is also a great opportunity to explore more of Scotland!

How You Can Get Involved

Registration for the 2018 National Ensemble opens in August! I would encourage everyone to go for it whether theatre is just a hobby or a career aspiration. Follow this link to the website for more information on the ensemble and the organisation >> Scottish Youth Theatre National Ensemble